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We are think Ahead

We believe that with a little bit more information and thoughtful guidance more people will be comfortable to practice core vlaues of Islam while travelling.

We are trying to promote Shariah friendly methods of travel, while keeping it aligned with Shariah and useful for the tourist.

  • Travel to learn from the past.
  • Travel to study archaeology and history.
  • Travel to study evolutionary science.
  • Travel for recreation.

Our Mission

Siyaahah (i.e. travelling) is connected to knowledge and learning. The greatest journeys were undertaken at the beginning of Islam with the aim of seeking and spreading knowledge.

Keeping this in mind, our mission is to connect like minded Muslim travelers of any ages to travel and learn.

We Established in 2019

We think that we can improve our muslim community by doing something every day. Travel is a big part of it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a platform for the muslim travellers to enable them to follow the shariah guidance that will allow to enjoy travel and learn about our deen.