Exclusive Umrah

Exclusive Umrah

Experience an exclusive Umrah journey with only the people you know. We offer high quality, tailored services to high-net-worth individuals and corporations around the world.

Exclusive Group Umrah gives you the opportunity to freely choose the dates and times of flight that fit your time and choose a wide variety of 5* / 4* / 3* hotels in Makkah and Madinah (close to 50m to 700m from the mosque).

Simplify your Umrah experience with us as we provide: 

- Best 5* luxury concierge service to meet your lifestyle needs
- Numerous ground arrangement options for you to choose from (excluding flight)

For booking: 50,000 taka per person with passport

Itinerary (schedule can be changed as appropriate) :

Day 1: Dhaka - Jeddah - Madinah
Report at HSIA
Bag check in and passport checks
Departure briefing
Depart to Madinah
Arrival in Madinah Airport
You will be greeted by local representative and will be transferred to hotel for check-in

Day 2: Madinah
Check-in at Madinah Hotel
Inside visit - Prophet's ﷺ Mosque
Inside tour after Fajr/Isha - Prophet's ﷺ Mosque
Grave of Rasulullah ﷺ and Raudah

Day 3: Madinah
Friday prayer

Day 4: Madinah
Ziarah Madinah
Outside tour to historical landmarks like Jabal Uhud, Masjid Quba & Date Farm

Day 5: Madinah/Makkah
Madinah to Makkah (Umrah)
Farewell Ziarah
Check-out hotel in Madinah
Preparation to depart to Makkah
Heading to Bir Ali for Miqat Umrah
Check-in Makkah Hotel
Perform 1st Umrah

Day 6: Makkah
Free & Easy

Day 7: Makkah

Outside Visit - Makkah
Outside visit to Arafah, Mina, Muzdalifah, & Makkah museum 

Day 8: Makkah
Free & Easy

Day 9: Makkah
Tayef Visit & 2nd Umrah
Miqat Umrah
Perform 2nd Umrah

Day 10: Makkah
Friday Prayers

Day 11: Makkah/Jeddah
Farewell Tawaf
Transfer to Jeddah Airport
Departure to Dhaka

Day 11
Arrival in Dhaka
Arrival in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA)

May Allah accept our Umrah and grant us to perform Umrah repeatedly. Ameen.



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